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Ibadan Varsity Christian Union (IVCU) is a fountain of life that has flowed and watered many generations for years. One of the tributaries of this great fountain is the Queen’s Hall Church. This family comprises all IVCU sisters who reside in the hall.
We are a wonderful family built on Love, Friendship, welfare, evangelism, and pure fellowship with the Father.

One of major programs is our Morning Watch which holds every Wednesdays at 5:30 am behind the buttery. This is usually a wonderful time in God’s presence with pure spirit filled worship and dining at God’s table.
We are a house being built in the “Similitude Of A Palace” and are “Vessels unto Honour”.

As with all other halls of Residence in the University of Ibadan, The Ibadan Varsity Christian Union (IVCU) has deemed it fit to establish mini churches in all the halls. This was born out of the burden to ensure that members are kept in a close-knit fellowship with one another and with our Lord Jesus even at the hall levels.

At the Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall, the IVCU ZIK hall Church bears the oversight and takes care of members as regards spiritual, physical, psychological, academic Wellbeing etc. By this we ensure that members are in constant communion with God and also in fellowship with other brethren in the house of IVCU and in the faith generally. Also, we are concerned that members are doing well academically and also ensure that no member lacks as par welfare for any reason.

These we are able to accomplish, God helping us by constant visitation, as well as our weekly morning watches which holds every Tuesday by 5am at the Zik Hall cafeteria or the Quadrangle as the case may be owing to available options.

Morning watch: Mondays 5-6am at the front of Bello dome.

Bible study:
Second semester three weeks after Village outreach.

Floor reps meeting and prayers
Every Saturday by 8pm behind B block.

Fastings every last day and first day of a new month.

In IVCU Idia Hall church, we are a family of love. We gather every Friday 5.15am as a local church to dine together with the Father. activities carried out during this time include sharing the word, prayers, sharing experiences and digging deep.

We also hold special programs like breakfast morning watch, Freshers morning watch, Idia House retreat etc. God is love and it’s not surprising that we took after Him. Taste and see. Our door is open not only IVCUites but all that identifies with the master. You are welcome.

Friday – 5:15am (Idia Frist Gate)

Welcome to the Mellanby Hall page of the IVCU The Mellanby Hall church is the body of Ivcuites residing in the university’s premier hall,Kenneth Mellanby hall. It’s a family of love where everybody is somebody and Jesus is Lord.

Activities :
-Morning watch: 5am every Monday at the volleyball court
-Evangelism: We observe evangelism periodically in the hall at least once a month.
-Family meeting: We conduct family meetings periodically at least once a month.

Morning Watch holds every Wednesdays by 5:00am Venue: Tedder Pitch Other Activities
  • Floor Reps Vigils, 2nd Fridays of the Month (12-3am)
  • Breakfast Morning Watch
  • General Tedder Hall Prayers

St Annes female hostel is a private hostel in UI and God has been at work here through Ibadan varsity Christian union-NIFES.

We enjoy a special bond of unity and family life as we fellowship together.

IVCU st Annes hall church meets on Thursdays by 9pm at st Annes Chapel for her night watch which consists of prayer meetings, bible studies, practical discussions, teachings and special programs.

We often meet on the last Monday of the month for an hour by 10pm, for the purpose of interceeding for IVCU as the main house, for st Annes management and the residents and other issues that require intercession. This tenure, our vision is CONTENDING FOR THE FAITH taken from Jude 1:3, 1 Timothy 1:4-7, 1Timothy 3:9.

Jesus Kutites; that is who we are. We Fellowship in love every Wednesday by 5.00am – 6.00am.
We also hold other special program such as retreats, breakfast morning watch etc

Jesus Katangites; that is who we are. We Fellowship in love every Tuesday at Awo Mount Zion by 5.30am – 6.30am.
We also hold other special program such as retreats, breakfast morning watch etc

Jesus Awoites; that is who we are. We Fellowship in love every Tuesday at Awo Mount Zion by 5.30am – 6.30am.
We also hold other special program such as retreats, breakfast morning watch etc

This is a newly incorporated church of the house compared with other unit. It was borne out of the urgent need for oversight of brethren living outside the school halls. The chu rch which is about four years old now has been attending to the need of our brethen living around the school environs. Majorly students who stay off campus are those who are denied accommodation in the school hostel, those living with their parents in BQs or those who prefer to stay away from the school hostel.

Being fully aware of how members staying in the hostel are being looked after in terms of morning watches, frequent checking on the state and welfare of the members. We also can’t afford to allow our members staying off campus to stay off-key with God due to the reason of their staying off campus.
IVCU therefore deem it fit not to neglect this category of people by setting up an office which will be responsible for the oversight of these members. We hold our family meetings every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month which was formerly every 1st Sunday alone where everyone is encouraged and edified through the word of God. There is also occassional checking on members in order to meet their spiritual, financial and academical needs. We bless God for how he has been upholding the family.