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Part three

Gno’si kai katano’isi| knowledge and understanding found me

Mercy did not just save me

She brought her twin sister Grace to teach me

Day after day

Grace tutored me on what came next after salvation

For years she has never ceased

to patiently teach, help, enlighten and chastise

to speak clearly, giving direction to my feet

to reveal who Love is

Thus far it has been a beautiful journey

for Love has consistently revealed Himself to me

sculpting the exact image of Himself with

the clay called me

Lest you think it has been a rosy one

There were seasons I fell

but Love picked me up

leaving me with scars

that have helped me comfort others

There were seasons I ran away

but like the prodigal son

Love’s arms were waiting wide open to receive me

I still have kilometers of the ‘’undriven’’ road

upon which I will have to continue working out

my salvation with fear and trembling

but I rest in faith in He who is able to keep me

and present me pure at His appearing

I remain forever grateful

for now I can boldly say

I am saved and I know what’s next!

@A pen called Love

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