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Now that I am saved, what’s next? Part one

                   Zoe |the garden where life unfolded

 Within Zoe this story was told

                  I was born into a home that feared the Lord

Many thought I was saved

but I knew not the Lord who was and still is head

One day in the distant shores of memory

I walked down the blood stained rug to the altar

I arose a few minutes later still a baby

and a baby I remained for years

for I understood not what salvation was

and knew not what came after salvation

Times without number, I walked the circle of

seeking forgiveness every few minutes

One day in the closer shores of memory

Mercy found me

but years lay between this shore and the one

on which I first walked that blood stained rug

Within these years, I ate from many trees

The suicide tree

The tree that only bore hatred and malice

The low self esteem tree

The addiction tree

And many more which only tears can write of

Oh! There was one whose fruit I ate of more than any other

The tree of lust

Throughout these years, two questions remained consistent

Was I truly saved?

And if I was, what came next after salvation?

@A pen called Love: 2020

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