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In Times Like This… – Bro Prince-Paul Amunachugo

A time like this has caused a lot of changes which the average person neither imagined nor expected. The drastic transition in the lifestyle of everyone has left many bewildered. No one has a clue of what the next phase will look like. But we know that things will never remain the same again. We all are hoping that the current pandemic is sorted out while at the same time, trying to adapt to the current situation.

I am writing to you, beloved of God, that you should not be carried by the wind of uncertainty that encumbers the mind of the natural man. I am not doubting or disputing the palpability of the current situation we find ourselves. I am only sounding a reminder that if our hope is on this world and hinges on the turn of events, then we are of all men most miserable. While the current situation tarry, I would implore you to:

Stay grounded in the things that constitute your identity through:

1. Communion with God: You are not of this world and so the bible remains God’s manual that covers every detail we need to know concerning our identity in Christ. Consequently, don’t look at the world or your family background to define your live! You are a new creation! The scope and dynamics of the new man you are is seen in the scriptures. Give all diligence to be rooted in Christ by praying and a thorough study of the word. Do not let your prayers be situational or circumstantial, but let it be your life. Prayer is as important as the study of the word and both are interwoven essentials in our knowledge of God as believers. The word shows us the person of Christ, prayer makes His person tangible and real to us. Spending time in prayers and digging deep in the word strengthens your conviction of the person of Christ and your identity in him. I cannot over emphasize this.

2. Read books and messages by fellow pilgrims: I would implore you to read spiritual books and listen to messages. However, this must be done with great discernment. They also give you a scope around which you can start your search in areas of interest and broaden your understanding of the word of God. They also give you an insight into the discoveries made by fellow pilgrims in this walk of faith and connects you to their experiences as they are also cloud of witnesses. In this way you are also having fellowship with them too.

Remember that you are sent to the world. God by his design has sent us all to the world, though we are not of this world, to make his name known. The way he planned it is that everyone that is a citizen of his kingdom, have a locale where they have been purposed by God to show forth his praise and reach out to the unsaved, through the gospel. Speaking of locale, I’m basically talking about areas of jurisdiction. It could be ministry as a profession, business, the corporate world, politics, the academia, etc. In his design, we are unique and he has unique plans for each of us even within the general purpose we have as believers. Invest your time seeking the Lord concerning your area of jurisdiction and once you find it, build and groom yourself. Study books around that area! Pray! Think! In paying due diligence to development in that area, your relevance to this world is expressed more excellently and ultimately, Christ is glorified!

In conclusion, the situation is not good but you can make it work together for your good by redeeming the time; making wise use of this opportunity.

Your brother,

Prince-Paul Amunachugo.


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