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He told me to allow him in. A stranger! He even said he wants my life. I wondered what he was thinking. That I commit suicide to please him? That I become lifeless for his pleasure?

I told him to leave me never to come back again. Nevertheless, he stayed and kept nudging. He pleaded day and night. He stayed at the door and kept knocking. I reported him to the authorities. He was scourged and punished thoroughly. Just when I thought I had peace…

He came back yet again and kept pleading. I locked the door and never opened for a second. He sent people to come maybe I would listen. I ignored them all and dealt with them. They kept coming and I kept on getting irritated.

‘Maybe giving him just one chance will chase him away’, I thought. I opened my door and saw him. He looked so stressed and fatigued. I saw the scars and the thorns. I saw the deep piercing by his side and holes on both hand and feet. I was moved and I touched the hole to check the depth.

Just as I did, like a flash, I saw everything that had happened.
Every night, the thief comes to steal from me. I have suffered in his hands for a long time. The lawyers have taken me to court severally because the thief did not just steal from me, he also made me to steal. The thief had tormented me.

In a flash, I saw how he has settled the case I had in court. I saw how he had defeated the thief for me, yet I still suffered. I suffered because I never knew nor believed nor acknowledged what he did. I cried and my knees wobbled as I fell at his feet. At that instance, I received eternal freedom.

The thief and the lawyer(accuser) has been defeated forever by the death and resurrection of Jesus. No condemnation! No power of hell! No scheme of darkness! No! None can change this fact. Jesus had given us victory over sin. Our debts has been paid at calvary. Our shame and guilt have been covered.

What can you do to have access to your right? Believe and Receive Eternal life.

Found in Jesus Christ Alone!
We have been freed over 2000 years ago.

Happy Easter!