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The stench of death, the scent of blood
I’m tasting bile and swallowing phlegm
There’s rain of ash and rivers of tears
The destruction aiming to sap my spirit
The chaos seeking to drain my strength

On the verge, my mind a wreck
Darkness eating into my core
My vision a blur
Hallucination and paranoia my companions
Then came a spark

A lone flame in the dark
The dark seeming to threaten it glow
Fell back in it wake
Though small, it journeyed strong
Waking up the sleeping giant

Giving focus to the disillusioned
Gradually, more lights entered the fray
And as more and more joined the procession
I feel my strength returning
The dark receding

For the fight is only as difficult as I will it to
The light, though small, prevailed against the dark
And as it drew even closer
It whispered a word
One word that proved to be the spark
lighting me up as well
It says: Courage


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